Controllo dell'applicazione

Controllo dell'applicazione

Codice Prodotto: UNTNAC25

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Controllo dell'applicazione

Do you have a handle on your network traffic? If you’re only choosing to block or allow websites by URL, that may not be enough. Today, you need the ability to control traffic at the application level. Enter Application Control.

Application Control helps you wrangle productivity drains, bandwidth hogs and protocol-agile apps used for filter bypass. It works in concert with Web Filter, SSL Inspector, Bandwidth Control and Policy Manager to give you the tools you need to enforce your use policy and see where your bandwidth dollars are being spent. Make sure that your users can access mission-critical, cloud-based apps (like CRM, ERP) while keeping recreational or inappropriate apps off the network.

Application Control performs deep packet (DPI) and deep flow (DFI) inspection of network traffic, enabling it to accurately identify thousands of common applications such as social networking, P2P, instant messaging, video streaming, file sharing, enterprise applications and much more. Simply check “block” for anything you want to stop, and Application Control will take care of the rest. If you need a higher degree of control, you can use the Integrated Rules EngineTM to create custom rules to target more complex traffic patterns.
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