Vembu Hyper-V Backup

Vembu Hyper-V Backup

Cikkszám: Hyper-V Backup

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Vembu Hyper-V Backup

With each new release of the Windows Server Hyper-V platform, Microsoft has shown that Hyper-V is a major contender in the virtualization space. With Hyper-V built on top of the tried and true Windows Server Failover Cluster platform, and the powerful new features found in the latest versions of Windows Server, more and more businesses are utilizing Hyper-V as the platform to host either production or development/stage/test workloads.

While Hyper-V contains mechanisms built into the platform that allow taking production snapshots and even replicating Hyper-V virtual machines to recovery environments, Hyper-V still lacks the native features and capabilities that allow organizations to have a cohesive, single pane of glass data protection solution that allows them to confidently protect Hyper-V production workloads.  

VMBackup for Hyper-V – Featured Highlights  

Vembu VMBackup for Hyper-V virtual machines is the single answer to data protection gaps that businesses encounter when protecting Hyper-V environments today. It allows organizations to have a data protection solution that supports all aspects of data high availability with Hyper-V, including Hyper-V Cluster support, host-level backups, high-performance changed block tracking and many other features.  

  • Hyper-V Cluster Support 
  • Host-level Virtual Machine Backups
  • Hyper-V Checksum Based Incremental Change Tracking
  • Replicate Hyper-V Virtual Machines without limits of native Hyper-V replication *Coming Soon
  • Automated Failover and Failback *Coming Soon
  • Full Hyper-V Application-aware backup support including Log Truncation
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